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Who is Enov8tive?

We are a multi-disciplinary and diverse team of professionals with at least half a decade of experience in each specialty. Industry experts lead us with more than a decade of proven and tested expertise in healthcare and technology.

What services do you offer?

We help physicians and patients elevate their healthcare experience by providing robust, impactful, excellent, and easy-to-use technologies.

How can your software benefit my practice?

We provide you with enov8tiveMD our latest solution to physician needs, which include features like: e-presciption, Active Queue, intuitive patient assessment, and many more.

Is physician software user-friendly for non-technical staff?

Our intuitive solutions are easy to use and navigate. Customize the workflow specific to your practice's needs which allow non-technical staff to follow processes with ease.

How can does this help our patients?

Patients can now easily schedule appointments on their mobile devices and check-in for appointments at a touch of a button.

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